About Me

For most of our members I am not new, I have been actively involved in the NEDAAAB activities since the day I joined this professional Association.

The NED Alumni Association of Alberta (NEDAAAB) was founded in year 2006, and I am proud of being one of the founding members of NEDAAAB. This association has grown and now include over 300 alumni members living all over the Alberta. Each year, approximately 30 to 35 new Nedians join our Alumni family. Although it’s not a very huge number but still this number shows that we are expanding.

I have the deepest respect for my seniors, and would never, ever, make a decision that would harm who we are who we will be. However at the same time I would say, we certainly need a new injection of fresh faces, people who can grow this Association as it should. We need the enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom of the experienced. I believe I hold and honor both of these qualities.

It is a time for you to make a change. Make your vote count and I won’t let you down.


Educational Backgroud

1999- Bachelor Degree (Mechanical) from NEDUET ,Karachi, Pakistan

2004 –Masters Degree (Mechanical) from NEDUET, Karachi, Pakistan

2012-M.Eng, University of Calgary, Alberta

Professional Career


Gatron Industries as a Mechanical Engineer

(Involved in maintenance, planning, scheduling, commissioning and pre commissioning jobs for several new and existing petro chemical plants

2003- 2005

ENAR Petrotech -Lead Mechanical Engineer role-ENAR Petroleum Refining Facility (Youngest Lead of ENAR Petroleum Refinery ever


Equinox Engineering


Fluor Canada as a Mechanical Engineer

Major Projects attended were: Total Athabasca Upgrader FEL 2 and FEL3 and Husky Lloydminster Upgrader Project


Started own EPCM company-Averon Engineering Inc.


Jacobs Canada –Lead Mechanical Engineer, Major project attended: Suncor Waste Water Treatment Plant


KBR Industries (moved to Saudi Arabia)-

Lead Packaged Equipment Engineer

Major project Attended: Jizan Refinery and Marine Terminal


Fluor Canada

Lead Mechanical Engineer role-Kearl Expansion Project




I am being involved with NEDAAAB since starting and one of the founding member of NEDAAAB


1.       2006

Became Executive member of NEDAAAB first temporary committee

2.       2008- 2011

Served as a Alumni Yahoo Group Moderator of Alumni Yahoo Group

3.       2008-2010

Served as a General cum Info Secretary

4.       2010-2012

Served as a General cum Info Secretary (Left NEDAAAB in year 2011, as moved to Saudi Arabia)


5.       MAY 2007

Hosted NEDAAAB “1st Annual General Body Meeting

Also prepared presentation for this program

6.       DEC 2007

Organizer of NEDAAAB First Career Workshop-Also involved in the preparation of materials/literature related to this workshop.

7.       NOV 2008

Organizer of “Interview Preparation and Resume Review Workshop”-Also involved in the preparation of materials/literature related to this workshop

8.       MAY 2008

Organized and hosted NEDAAAB “Second Annual General Body Meeting”-Also prepared presentation for this meeting

9.      MAR 2009

Organazer of “Primavera Course” conducted by NEDAAAB

10.   DEC 2009

Organizer of “NEDAAAB Eid Milan Party” program-Also involved as host of this program                                                                                 

11.   JUN 2009

Organizer of “Pressure Vessel Course” arranged by NEDAAAB-Assisted Yasir Noman to prepare the literature/presentation for this course

12.   JUN 2009

Organizer and key note speaker of “An Evening with Vice Chancellor”-Also prepared presentation for this program

13.  MAY 2009

Organizer of  “Piping Materials Course” program. Helped Alam Sahab to prepare slides for this course

14.   APR 2009

Organizer of “SF6 Switch gear” presentation

15.   MAR 2010

Organizer of Program “Re Discover Yourself-Mind Science

16.   Oct 2010

Presenter of “NEDAAAB 3rd Annual General Body Meeting-Also prepared presentation for this meeting


17.   FEB 2011

Organizer of program “How to file personal Tax in Canada”

18.   JUL 2011

Commentator –NEDAAAB 1st Cricket Tournament

19.   JUL 2012

Commentator –NEDAAAB 2nd Cricket Tournament

20.   2007-20011

Moderated/Edited/Filtered more than 4000 emails (NED Alumni Yahoo Group)

21.   2007-2012

Registered more than 150 members


·         Out of 180 registered NEDAAAB members, 120 members registered by my own effort (66.6 % of total registered members)

·         Out of 5730 uploaded emails (into Yahoo Group ) , 3500 Emails were moderated /filtered/and edited under my supervision (61 % of overall moderation)

·         Out of 364 Alumni Yahoo Group members, approx. more than 300 members registered by my personal efforts (82.4%)

·         Out of 36 (approx.) MOMs (for NEDAAAB EC Meetings), I prepared MOMs for almost 28 meetings (68.4 %)

·         Except one, prepared all AGM presentations



·         P.Eng,Member of APEGGA

·         PEC, Member of Pakistan Engineering Council

·         Member of Mechanical Engineers Professional Group, Alberta

·         Member of YKFA Association


·         To strengthen relationship among NEDAAAB members by continuously arranging social gatherings, professional courses, workshops and seminars

·         To expand NEDAAAB geographically (open functional chapters in Red Deer, Edmonton and For McMurray)

·         To arrange NEDAAAB technical and social programs in other chapters as well

·         Promote and facilitate effective communication for exchange of mutually beneficial information.

·         Focus on the professional development of our members

·         Improving the quality of NEDAAAB website and  make it more and more interactive from user point of view

·         Continue to provide assistance/guidance for those who are looking for job (We can achieve this task by organizing interactive “Resume review and interview preparation workshops" on a regular basis)

·         Strive to build an involved community of Nedians graduates living in Alberta

·         Encourage a friendly relationship with other fellow North American Alumni

·         To ensure NEDAAAB charter is fully implemented , identify the grey areas of NEDAAAB By Laws and made amendment (with the aid of EC and General members)

·         To promote the culture of check and balance within Elected Committee

·         Get sponsorship for our programs (to reduce the burden on general members)

·         Create an online technical library for Nedians

If you want to talk to me in person please feel free to call me any time (Phone: 403-919-3218).